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IAT Announcement

IACO in collaboration with Spark announces the start of registration in the Institute of Agricultural Technology as a center of rehabilitation and training in the liberated areas of the provinces of Homs – Al quneitra. Where IAT announces the start of a diploma course in agricultural science for a year starting from 19-09-2017 even 28-09-2017

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Locust and Leafhoppers Early Control (LSLEC 2016)

 Control the locust, Sunn and leafhopper insects in early stage before to  put eggs .Limitation the pest in the infected area before to be distributed to other area.Conserve the crops form locust and  leafhoppers.Prevent the losing of yield due to the Infection by insects.Insure the good level of production.Enhancing the resilience of farmers and householder.Enhancing the food security due to decrease

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Fodder foundation

 The breeders in the selected areas are supported and the Livestock Production is activate Increase Number of the animals at least 25 % Increase Of the animal products availability (milk, meat and egg 30%) In the local market Decreasing products price to be acceptable in the local market Rehabilitate fodder establishment which is totally stopped

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