About us

Who we are

With the continuation of the humanitarian disaster in Syria and failure to reach to resolve the biggest crisis taking place in humanity in the modern era. Also deterioration of agricultural sector and declined of crops and services that was provide to farmers before the crisis. From the womb of this suffering taking place in the agricultural sector, International Agriculture Cooperation Office was born to be as executive partner in rehabilitation of institutions and leadership the current and upcoming stage. Since the beginning, IACO have sought to make strong connection between academic efficiencies inside and outside Syria to develop the work and seeking to Provide services to farmers and access to what IACO aspires to according to a sophisticated planned in solving the problems which facing the agricultural sector. Also, make a strong chain of connections with organizations, bodies and personalities those all interested in the agricultural sector inside Syria.

Our message

Food security we share his main concern with all spectrums of the homeland.

Our vision

Shake the trees and competencies and all partners to the affluent life in our beloved Syria in the field of the agricultural sector

Institutional values

Efficiency and honesty, dedication, values of sophistication and quality and performance standards, participatory skills, challenge eliminates the struggles.

IACO Profile:

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